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Mi’kmaq artist Alan Syliboy comes to the Fredericton Convention Centre on June 18!

Syliboy lives on the Millbrook First Nation reserve in Nova Scotia. Syliboy uses the indigenous Mi’kmaq petroglyph traditions for inspiration and developed his own artistic vocabulary out of those forms. His art is exhibited locally and internationally and can be found in numerous private and public collections, including the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the Beaverbrook Gallery, the Art Collection of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs, and the Innu Nation.

This will be a show of work acquired by Art + Concepts just recently, which will hang at FCC throughout the summer. There will be a meet and greet with the artist from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., on the street level of FCC, 670 Queen St on Saturday, June 18. We hope to see you there!

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Jul 092015

Dear Art Lovers,

Announcing a show about surroundings!

Starting SATURDAY, JULY 11, see meditations on the landscape by

Gerard Collins
Susan Feindel
Susan Pierce
Dennis Austin Reid
Jean Rooney
Lynn Wigginton

and Introducing:

Murray McFarlane

Murray McFarlane is a self-taught painter — he began when he was a teenager in the 1960s, but opted to study theology at McGill, receiving his ordination from the Maritime Conference of the United Church of Canada in 1976.

McFarlane did not exhibit his work until 1981, and in the late 1980s he took a three year leave from his ministry in Dalhousie, New Brunswick, to rebuild his maternal grandparents home in Holtville, in the Upper Miramichi Area, and establish a studio there. His practice intensified in 2008 when he retired from the clergy.

The influence of the Group of Seven, especially Tom Thompson, is apparent in this work. You can see traces of the same reddish brown base Thompson used in his epic landscapes, as well as the same painterly appreciation of natural depth and proportion. McFarlane’s pieces are luminous — he has an advanced understanding of light and how to render it with his materials.

Murray McFarlane has exhibited in solo and group shows throughout New Brunswick, has completed several public and corporate commissions, and his work can be found in the New Brunswick Art Bank.

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Apr 212015

Jennifer Pazienza  Invite April. 2015

We continue our series of exhibitions at the Fredericton Convention Centre with a show of paintings by Jennifer Pazienza. Rooted in Love will open the evening of Friday, April 24th at the FCC, 670 Queen St.

Rooted in Love continues Jennifer Pazienza’s artistic inquiry into her relationship with her surroundings. Aware of the contested nature of landscape in society and contemporary visual culture, Jennifer treats us to a responsible eye’s interpretation of the natural world.

At once personal and socially critical, the 13 large paintings of Rooted in Love remind us that Jennifer’s is an un-alienated, insider’s view of the land as a setting for life and work. Borrowing from the genres of landscape and still life painting, common root vegetables — carrots, beets and turnips — are celebrated for the sustaining miracles they are, and reminding us that we are all stewards of the earth.

“Very fine paintings, that have a strong sense of drawing in them as well as painterliness. Jennifer’s line and gestures are really animated giving the subject matter vegetables life. This sense, combined with allusive colourfield skies make for almost metaphysical interpretations of the subjects. They’re here and not here at the same time; they dissolve before the eyes in a wonderfully gestural signature and a radiant azure glow.” — Tom Smart, Art Gallery of Sudbury

Jennifer Pazienza makes her studio in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick. Rooted in Love opens Friday, April 24th from 5-7 p.m. at the Fredericton Convention Centre, 670 Queen St.

We are also proud to note announce that Jennifer spoke in St. Catherine’s ON, Thursday April 2, as part of the Distinguished Speakers series at Brock University ! Please visit http://www.brocku.ca/education/events/speakerseries for more information.

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Apr 142015

IM Invite Ossis


UNCHAINED ’89 is a show of works on paper by various East German artists collected by the Muellers around the time of, and in the years after, the fall of the Berlin Wall. For the last three weeks we have been previewing pieces from UNCHAINED ’89 with our Collector’s Weekly Special feature.

You are invited to an opening reception on Friday, April 17, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. in our gallery on the second floor of the Delta Fredericton.

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Nov 142014

faces and figures


The first paintings were portraits.

First, we painted the gods — to give us, as visual beings, images to meditate upon and aspire to.

Then we painted royalty — those who we thought were sent by the gods to rule us, as gods on Earth.

After that, we painted the merely wealthy; for a few hundred years it was a rare thing to see a person painted on a wall or a canvas who had not paid a lot of money to be immortalized in this way.

The portrait started as a way to ren- der the elevated, and ended up a method to elevate the rendered.

Art + Concepts presents an exhi- bition that explores what happens when paint (and other substances) are arranged to resemble a person and commit them to memory. We have included work by several At- lantic Canadian artists, including Philip Iverson, Miller Brittain, Glenn Priestley, Marie Fox, Romeo Savoie, Susan Wood, Jared Peters, Amy Ash, Stephen Williams, Adam Mac- Donald and Paul Edouard Bourque.

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Oct 302014


The latest update on the exciting career of the Saint John-born Jared Peters!

We present a show of new work in which everyday objects — a plastic storage bin, a metal doorstop, an orange safety helmet — pulsate and glow, challenging our expectations for these objects, for places, for spaces, even for people.

“Painting can function to dislodge fixed assumptions about how we perform in society, and about how that society should be organized, and can offer new perspectives and aesthetic arrangements,” Jared says.

“These paintings are not merely representations or illustrations of these encounters and spaces, however familiar the subjects might be… There is a dedicated effort to determine, excavate, and ultimately subvert the aesthetic premise of social discipline.”

Jared’s first show at Art + Concepts was as an emerging artist in September of 2010. He followed through with a show a year for us, his second in May of 2011 and third in June of 2012, before heading to London, ON to complete his Masters.

Jared was a semifinalist in the 2011 RBC Painting Competition, and his work can be found in collections across Canada and internationally. He received a BA in History from the University of New Brunswick, a BFA from NSCAD University, and he completed his MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario this year. He now lives and works in Toronto.