Oct 302014


The latest update on the exciting career of the Saint John-born Jared Peters!

We present a show of new work in which everyday objects — a plastic storage bin, a metal doorstop, an orange safety helmet — pulsate and glow, challenging our expectations for these objects, for places, for spaces, even for people.

“Painting can function to dislodge fixed assumptions about how we perform in society, and about how that society should be organized, and can offer new perspectives and aesthetic arrangements,” Jared says.

“These paintings are not merely representations or illustrations of these encounters and spaces, however familiar the subjects might be… There is a dedicated effort to determine, excavate, and ultimately subvert the aesthetic premise of social discipline.”

Jared’s first show at Art + Concepts was as an emerging artist in September of 2010. He followed through with a show a year for us, his second in May of 2011 and third in June of 2012, before heading to London, ON to complete his Masters.

Jared was a semifinalist in the 2011 RBC Painting Competition, and his work can be found in collections across Canada and internationally. He received a BA in History from the University of New Brunswick, a BFA from NSCAD University, and he completed his MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario this year. He now lives and works in Toronto.

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