Nov 142014

faces and figures


The first paintings were portraits.

First, we painted the gods — to give us, as visual beings, images to meditate upon and aspire to.

Then we painted royalty — those who we thought were sent by the gods to rule us, as gods on Earth.

After that, we painted the merely wealthy; for a few hundred years it was a rare thing to see a person painted on a wall or a canvas who had not paid a lot of money to be immortalized in this way.

The portrait started as a way to ren- der the elevated, and ended up a method to elevate the rendered.

Art + Concepts presents an exhi- bition that explores what happens when paint (and other substances) are arranged to resemble a person and commit them to memory. We have included work by several At- lantic Canadian artists, including Philip Iverson, Miller Brittain, Glenn Priestley, Marie Fox, Romeo Savoie, Susan Wood, Jared Peters, Amy Ash, Stephen Williams, Adam Mac- Donald and Paul Edouard Bourque.

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