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Jennifer Pazienza  Invite April. 2015

We continue our series of exhibitions at the Fredericton Convention Centre with a show of paintings by Jennifer Pazienza. Rooted in Love will open the evening of Friday, April 24th at the FCC, 670 Queen St.

Rooted in Love continues Jennifer Pazienza’s artistic inquiry into her relationship with her surroundings. Aware of the contested nature of landscape in society and contemporary visual culture, Jennifer treats us to a responsible eye’s interpretation of the natural world.

At once personal and socially critical, the 13 large paintings of Rooted in Love remind us that Jennifer’s is an un-alienated, insider’s view of the land as a setting for life and work. Borrowing from the genres of landscape and still life painting, common root vegetables — carrots, beets and turnips — are celebrated for the sustaining miracles they are, and reminding us that we are all stewards of the earth.

“Very fine paintings, that have a strong sense of drawing in them as well as painterliness. Jennifer’s line and gestures are really animated giving the subject matter vegetables life. This sense, combined with allusive colourfield skies make for almost metaphysical interpretations of the subjects. They’re here and not here at the same time; they dissolve before the eyes in a wonderfully gestural signature and a radiant azure glow.” — Tom Smart, Art Gallery of Sudbury

Jennifer Pazienza makes her studio in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick. Rooted in Love opens Friday, April 24th from 5-7 p.m. at the Fredericton Convention Centre, 670 Queen St.

We are also proud to note announce that Jennifer spoke in St. Catherine’s ON, Thursday April 2, as part of the Distinguished Speakers series at Brock University ! Please visit http://www.brocku.ca/education/events/speakerseries for more information.

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