Bonnie Baker


Bonnie Baker studied printmaking at NSCAD University (Halifax, Nova Scotia 1980 – 82) before focusing solely on a textile based practice. Her textile work has been exhibited in Canada, United States and the UK and is held in both private and public collections including the Art Bank of Nova Scotia, the Royal Bank and ÉCONOMUDÉE (Montreal). She is also an arts advocate, juror, and has served in many capacities in several organizations which promote the arts in Nova Scotia and Canada throughout her career. In 2008 she returned full time to drawing, printmaking and installation work. She currently lives in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.

Bonnie says:

“When I was very young, 5 or 6, I thought drawing was the same as using words. Because I found words too difficult and confining to describe my thoughts and emotions, drawing was manageable. Now as then, things exist inside my head and because I want to see them outside of my head, I draw them. But once I bring these things into reality, the image on paper is not exactly the same as the inner vision –  it has become something else. I am curious and disappointed by the imperfection of the real compared with the ideal. I want to honour that imperfection, to savour its poignancy and its beauty.

I have a cat who both craves affection and fears physical touch.  He solicits petting until he cannot endure the gratification any longer. When bliss overwhelms him, he strikes out and bites just for the relief. I draw so I do not bite.”